Monday, October 13, 2014

On second thought ...

After I write an article for the blog I typically go through my digital camera and delete photos covered in the article or that are being saved in the “cloud”. Doesn’t the “cloud” sound like an ominous place that we can never retrieve or manage our work again??? Anyway, I digress …. So, while viewing the photos I came across the pixs from the exterior part of the tour known as the Grounds and the Gallery.

Once the initial part of the interior tour is complete the group took a walk outside to tour the grounds.  Outside any kind of barbeque, wood fire or tandoori cooking was done. Since it was well over 90+ degrees outside … all the oven, fire pits and tandoori ovens were off.  Thank God! Heat upon heat…not my kind of party. I fell in love with the food fire pit where they cook pizzas, calzones and flat breads.
Walking further we saw outside patio dining, which looked very lovely amongst the trees. The school was closed and it was after lunch, therefore no crowds to serve.  Walking a little further …yes, the grounds are very large you wind up back inside the school’s front entrance. Inside the Gallery is open to purchase anything under the sun that has to do with the culinary arts.

What caught my eye were the handmade chocolates with melt in your mouth ganache and an intense flavor of raspberry, mango, pistachio or my favorite chocolate-on-chocolate-on chocolate.  On the opposite side was a CafĂ© to order sandwiches, salads and daily special for a casual style meal rather than the formal meal presented by Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant.

I highly recommend the CIA however, Come for the tour, but stay for the food, ambiance and historical landscape.

Thanks for reading… all comments are welcome and appreciated.

Cooking with love makes any recipe taste better.

Lady E


Thursday, October 9, 2014

I've expanded .. . New roads to venture down...

Hello, Lady E Cooks fans ... If you are a fan of Lady E blog and writing, guess what? I have an additional blog called 202020Quest.

The blog is about my venture into how I can improve my life (and in turn others) by stretching, meditating an praying for at least 20 minutes each daily.

I initially started the blog as a measurement of how meditating, praying and stretching during the day can enhance my life. However, the steps have taken me in directions I never imagined. I previously did not share the blog with anyone or on any other social media, but I've come to realize in order to grow, for me, I need to share my vulnerabilities and insights of how my life is improving to more than a limited few. An issue I have long struggled with.

The deepest desire is to become a writer and one day become published and earn income with my thoughts, words and actions. However God wants to manifest that in my life... I'm all IN!  So here we go.... a five year venture to growth, pursuit of joy and sharing what happens on the way.

The quest can be found on

Thank you to my readers on Lady E Cooks blog and somehow finding your way to The Quest blog.

Lady E Cooks will continue .... after all I love to cook.

Monday, October 6, 2014

San Francisco food truck

On the corner of Montgomery and California Street in San Francisco in the heart of the Financial District at approximately 12 noon a funny thing happens. There is a distant humming that occurs. It's faint, but it can be heard with the naked... ear. No, it's not the cars, or the persistent red, green and yellow of lights flashing for cars to yield, stop or go. It's the sound of food trucks around town feeding the many who line up for specialties from Persian to Latin flavors. 
Food Trucks have gained in popularity in the last decade because they are reasonably priced, delicious food and fast. From one corner to another food trucks come and go during the rush hour of lunch. I haven't ventured in this direction yet, but very soon I will try this nouveau cuisine and determine.... Restaurant vs. Food Truck and see which is the best way to go.
I love San Francisco... so much to discover, so many opportunities to explore ...from one corner to the next.
Cooking with love makes any recipe taste better. Let's see if the Food Trucks follow this golden rule.  

Friday, October 3, 2014


Does any one in the world know the name of this type of lounge seat?
Thank you in advance for your support and kindness
Lady Elayne

Tuesday, September 30, 2014